The Quantum Field: Manage Your Life With the Universal Laws by which All Energies are Required to Play

As human beings,whether we are aware of it or not, we are each embedded in a matrix of relationships and surrounded by fields of energy.

Each relationship has fields of energy associated with it that is unique to that relationship.  A relationship can be with another person, an emotional state, an activity, a role, an object, an idea, a building, a piece of land, a pet, our bodies, or even with ourselves.

Each relationship field contains a number of energy patterns, thought-forms, memories, information, and more, that are specific to it and that profoundly influence your feelings, behaviors, and experiences as you engage in the activities associated with that relationship.

Over the course of our lives, we participate in thousands of these “relationship fields.” Some of them work well for us, others do not, some are harmful for us.

Quantum Field Clearing is a powerful protocol for cleaning, clearing and managing the energy-field environments in which you, your loved ones and/or your clients experience in your everyday realities.

The QFC protocol is designed to resolve issues in these and other categories. Click on each category below and see how you can benefit from Quantum Field Clearing.


  • communication issues
  • families & step-families
  • parent/child & child/parent
  • adult child/parent & parent/child
  • forgiveness issues
  • divorce recovery
  • dating dynamics
  • guilt
  • old emotional wounds
  • power & control issues
  • Emotional Issues:

  • confidence, self-esteem, self-concept
  • abandonment
  • love
  • sexuality
  • anger/rage
  • abuse (self and/or other)
  • procrastination
  • co-dependency
  • fears/phobias/anxiety
  • panic disorders
  • depression
  • shyness
  • allergies
  • chronic pain
  • addictive behaviors
  • Life direction/purpose
  • money management stress
  • abundance/scarcity issues
  • athletics: confidence & enhancement
  • Life Transitions:

  • marriage
  • childbirth
  • empty nest
  • death of a loved one
  • terminal illness - self or family member
  • catastrophic illness/injury of a loved one
  • divorce
  • elder care
  • graduation
  • Artistic Expression:

  • writers’ or creativity blockages
  • stage fright
  • creative process & expression
  • painting, drawing, sculpting
  • voice, drama, dancing, music
  • Spirituality:

  • spiritual development
  • intuition/telepathic/psychic development
  • psychic over-sensitivity
  • Career Development:

  • career shifts
  • public speaking
  • boss/authority issues
  • co-worker dynamics
  • personality conflicts
  • assertiveness development
  • scapegoat issues
  • layoff fears
  • job loss & recovery
  • job search
  • new job stress & overwhelm
  • Trauma & Post Traumatic Stress:

  • abuse or neglect
  • molestation or rape
  • health or disease trauma
  • major losses - security, finances, job, home
  • crimes - robbery, assault, murder
  • accidents, serious/catastrophic injury
  • war zone trauma
  • natural or man-made disasters